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About us

Brigitta and László. The brother and sister have decided in 2015 to found a company together. Brigitta worked in media, and László earned his living in restoration for more than ten years. During this long time, they rarely met each other.

The idea to start a business came by itself. A good old friend, the leader of Otti Manufactory thought that is was needed to create an online shop. The brother and sister decided quickly and giving up their previous jobs, they undertook the new task. Brigitta was attracted and interested in interior decoration for a long time, and László was interested in commerce and design. At foundation of the company, they decided that in addition to concrete coverings, they insert several other types of handmade or manufactory products into the selection, the only aspect is quality.

In the Hungarian interior design – as all over the world – there is an ever growing demand for unique, handmade, premium products reviving old technologies.
The main objective of is to gather these manufacturers and to forward the customers the unique and quality coverings, furniture, lamps and the wide selection of simple household objects by providing a complete interior decoration service.