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Data protection

BrigitteHome Kft. manages personal data respecting the prevailing effective laws, thus paying particular attention to the provisions of the Act XIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the publicity of the data of public interest, the Act CVIII of 2001 on certain questions of services related to the information society, and the Act XLVIII of 2008 on the basic conditions and certain limits of commercial advertising activities.


1. The data management is executed on the basis of the voluntary declaration, based on proper information, of the users of the online contents that can be found on the website This declaration contains the expressed consent of the users to the use of the data given during using of the site. The legal basis for the data management is the voluntary consent of the concerned person according to the Act LXIII of 1992 (Avtv) §3(1) point a) on the protection of personal data and the publicity of the data of public interest.
2. The aim of data management is to provide the services available under the URL The scope of personal data to be given for the use of these services can be found in the description of the related services.
3. The aim of the data registered automatically is the compilation of statistics, the improvement of the IT system, and the protection of the users’ rights.
4. The data manager shall not use the provided personal data for purposes other than described in these points. Giving out personal data for third parties or authorities – if only the law does not have otherwise binding force – may be possible with prior, expressed consent of the user.
5. The data manager does not check the data given to it. Only the person providing the data shall be responsible for the correctness of these. Any user when giving its email address, takes the responsibility that only this user will use services from the given email address. Regarding this responsibility, all responsibility related to the log-ins with the given email address is taken by the user who registered that email address.
6. The web shop of BrigitteHome registers the given data for the purpose of identifying of those purchasing on the website, distinguishing the customers, contacting the customers, online product ordering, making statistical summaries, sending newsletters and for marketing purposes. 


Personal data: data that can be related to the specified natural person (hereinafter referred to as the interested person), the conclusion deductible from the data, related to the interested person. During the data management, the personal data conserves this quality until its relation to the interested person can be restored;

Data management: independently from the applied procedures, the collection, registration, process, use (including forwarding and publishing) and cancellation of personal data. The changing of data and impeding their further use are also considered as data management;


1. Data shall be collected and processed only in a fair and lawful way.
2. The data shall only be stored for specified and lawful purposes, and they shall not be used otherwise.
3. The data shall be proportionate to the purpose of their storage, and they shall correspond to this purpose, they must not exceed this.
4. The method of data storage shall be realized in a way that it makes available the identification of the data subject only for the time needed for the purpose of the storage.
5. The proper security measures must be taken for the protection of the personal data stored in the automated data sets, in order to prevent the accidental or illegal destruction or accidental lost, and the illegal access, change and distribution. 


We manage the following given personal data: the first and last name of the customers, their address (post code, settlement, street, and number), and email address.

The personal data are cancelled for the request of the customers, and in case of the termination of their data management purpose, and in case of the expiration of the deadline for the data storage determined by law.

The data technically registered during the operation of the system: the data of the user’s computer used for logging in which are generated during the use of the service and which are registered by the system of the data manager as an automatic result of the technical processes. The data automatically registered are also automatically logged by the system when logging in and out without the user’s separate declaration or action of the user. These data cannot be connected to other personal user data – with the exception of the cases made mandatory by the law. Only the data manager has access to the data.


BrigitteHome web shop performs data management at the headquarters of the data manager and the data processor.
BrigitteHome web shop keeps the data confidential. We take all necessary security and technical measures in order that the personal data given by the customers will not be disclosed illegally to third parties. The web shop forwards the data absolutely necessary for the execution of the contract to its transport subcontractor, the data are not forwarded in addition to this.
The web shop protects personal data, in particular against the illegal access, the accidental change, damage, cancellation and disclosure.


1. The Company uses the personal data that are absolutely necessary for the use of the services of BrigitteHome Kft on the basis of the consent given by the interested person and exclusively in connection with a purpose.
2. As data manager, the Company undertakes to manage the obtained data in accordance with the data protection laws and with the data protection principles fixed in this Regulation, and it shall not forward them to third parties. The exception to this is the use of the data aggregated in a statistical form which shall not contain in any form the name of the interested person and other data suitable for its identification.
3. In certain cases – official court, police request, legal procedure or the reasonable suspicion of the violation of copyright, property rights and other infringement, the prejudice of the Company’s interests, risking its providing of services, etc. -, the Company makes accessible the concerned user’s available data for third parties.
4. The Company undertakes that before recording, registering, managing any data of its users, it publishes a clear, visible and evident communication in which the Company informs them about the method, the purpose and the principles of data collection. In addition to this, in each case when the data collection, management, registering is not made obligatory by a law, the Company calls the user’s attention to the voluntary nature of the data supply. In case of obligatory data supply, the law ordering the data management must also be indicated. The concerned person must be informed about the purpose of the data management and who will manage and process these data. The information on data management occurs also by the fact that the law orders the data collection by forwarding or connecting the data from the already existing data management.
5. In every case when the Company wishes to use the provided data for purposes other than the original purpose of the data registering, it informs the user about this and obtains the user’s prior expressed consent to this, and ensures the user the possibility of prohibiting the use of these data.

During online payment, after giving the data required for the order, the web shop prepares the payment

customer service assistance, “fraud-monitoring” performed for the confirmation of transactions and for the protection of users.


BrigitteHome is at its customers’ disposal at any time to give information about their managed personal data for the written request of the customers.

It is the common interest of BrigitteHome web shop and its customers that the personal data shall be precise, complete and timely. For this purpose, our customers are liable to guarantee that the data given correspond to the reality, BrigitteHome does not take the responsibility for the given personal data.

We send newsletter to all our users subscribed to the newsletter service. The newsletter provides information on how to unsubscribe from this service.

If there is a risk of actual injury concerning the personal data, or the risk that it will take place, our customers may contact the Commissioner for data protection with their complaints, and they may enforce their legal remedy possibilities provided by Act XIII of 1992.

The Service Provider may send newsletter, sms, or phone call of marketing purposes for those registered in BrigitteHome web shop, if the customer has given these data at the registration and accepted the General Terms and Conditions /GTC/.


1. BrigitteHome Kft reserves the right that it may unilaterally modify this Data management Regulation at any time. After the modification of the Data Management Regulation, all the users must be duly informed. By continuing the use of the service, the users acknowledge the modified data management rules, and in addition to this there is no need to ask their consent.


Name: BrigitteHome Kft as the operator of website
Seat: 2000 Szentendre, Mathiász u. 14/A.

Company registration number: 13-09-177957

Company registration: Tribunal of the Surroundings of Budapest, as Registry court

Tax number: 13421698-3-13.


Concerning the legal relationship between the Operator and the User, the Hungarian law is applicable. In case of eventual legal dispute, depending on the competence, the parties stipulate the exclusive competence of the tribunal according to the Operator’s registered office. Concerning the Service, the User may contact the competent consumer protection authority with its complaint, and concerning the electronic advertisements, it may initiate the procedure of the communications authority. 

Contact details of the National Consumer Protection Authority in Hungary: 1364 Bp., Pf. 144;

The contact details of the Bureau of National Media and Telecommunications Authority: postal address: 1525 Budapest, Pf. 75;

In case of any further questions, remarks related to data management, you may contact the colleagues of the data manager at

Based on the Act CXII of 2011 § 68(6) on the information self-determination right and on the freedom of information, the National Data Protection and Information Authority registered it under no. NAIH-76724/2014 and with the following data.


The BRIGITTEHOME.HU website is operated by Brigittehome Kft.

Seat: 2000 Szentendre, Matthiász u. 14/A

Tax number: 13421698-2-13

Company registration number: 13-09-177957

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