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The product is handmade, by oven firing, therefore smaller differences in size, surface differences may occur. The tiler shall pay a particular attention to this at the installation. This is not an error, this is the sign and consequence of manufacturing, which only increase the rustic, Mediterranean characteristic of the surface. Choosing the proper joint colour is very important, if you are not sure, ask advice from the experts of because choosing the bad joint may significantly influence the aesthetic effect of the surface.
When cleaning ceramic surfaces, the use of strong chemicals must be avoided, the manufacturer recommends the use of neutral detergents. The products of Pataki Tiles without glazing (Fjord and Cottage product line) are surface treated by the manufacturer after firing. In case of these, if they are used outdoor or in wet areas, it is worth performing a transparent stone wax surface cleaning, impregnation every second year. In case of coverings without glazing used on walls or as decorative elements, it is enough to perform this procedure every five years. The glazed ceramic covering do not have to be impregnated. For its products, the manufacturer recommends the impregnation materials, glues and other auxiliary materials of Mapei.

PROVENCE Camargue covering (100% smooth undecorated element)

Colours inspired by nature, Mediterranean magic, from the dark blue of the deep sea through the ultramarine of the shores to the unbelievably light blue of the salt ponds turning into white and to the thousand shades of the green colour of fresh water. We could list the thousand colours and mood of the Provence landscape. We can almost hear the chanting of cicadas, feel the balsamic scents and the burning warmth of the sun, the cool of the shade or the inimitable aroma of olive oil. Thanks to the hand glazing provide a diversity rich in shades. The 100 percent smooth surface binding net is totally handmade and suitable for outdoor, indoor, for and wall. In case of ordering less than 2 m2, 25% of the list price is charged. In case of ordering a quantity between 2 and 3 m2, the list price plus 10% is payable.

Usage location
Price 108
Weight 16 kg

10×10 cm


8 mm


Mediterranean, Rustic, Provence


light blue, dark turquoise, gold, grass green, light turquoise, mustard yellow, off-white, poison-green, red, sky blue, supernova, yellowish green

Delivery time

30-45 day


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