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Otti coverings are hand manufactured, individually, with moulding process, for this reason there may be differences of shades and size in mm between the tiles. This is not an error, the binding net will be rustic and unrepeatably unique, just like natural stone, in case of which there aren’t two identical pieces either. The concrete in this case means a quartz product of high hardness which has better properties than most natural stones, regarding its resistance to abrasion, possibility of cleaning and installing. In case of coloured tiles, the wear layer is coloured in several centimetres thick in its material. This provides the extreme durability.

As natural stones, the concrete tiles shall also be impregnated. The surface treatment protects the covering outdoor against weather conditions, and against other physical impacts indoor. The material of granular texture absorbs deeply the impregnation material therefore this is a durable solution but from time to time (depending on the use) it shall be repeated.

It is important that the surface - similarly to natural stones and other concrete elements - cannot be cleaned with acidic cleaners, but alkaline and neutral substances are suitable for its cleaning.

Victorian wall covering

The Victorian age, the second part of the XIX century was the era of historicism, the neo styles all over the developed world. The “Victorian” covering of Otti follows the wallpaper patterns of the English Gothic Revival architecture. This is a very elegant wall covering which creates a different effect in smaller and bigger indoor surfaces. The view is fascinating, just like the durability provided by the modern concrete technology is exceptional.

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Price 56
Weight 40 kg

15,4×15,4cm, 18,7×18,7cm


2 cm




earth green, ivory, moss green, off-white, terracotta shades, Turquoise blue

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30-45 day


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